Federal Premium Gold Medal Large Rifle Match Primers #210M Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


Product Information

Quantity :1000 Piece

Primer Size :Large Rifle

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 1.755 Pounds


federal ammo rebate

federal ammo rebate is an American ammunition manufacturer. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vista The same quality primers that make Gold Medal cartridges the choice of match shooters and hunters everywhere. Federal Gold Medal Primers are manufactured to exacting tolerances and use Federal’s exclusive basic lead styphnate priming mix of optimum primer ignition.

Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses ship from our warehouse with other products. This ensures no more than one Shipping Charge and one HazMat Charge per order (unless you also order products that Ship Separately from ammoreloadeder or our Suppliers). Each order is limited to no more than 25 pounds of Black Powder, and no more than 66 pounds each of Smokeless Powder, Primers, or Fuse. Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses are considered hazardous materials, incur HazMat Charges, and can only ship ground freight within the continental U.S. Due to safety considerations and legal/regulatory reasons, Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses cannot be returned.

Federal Premium® Heavyweight TSS™ Turkey Shotshells deliver tight patterns of dense tungsten shot on target for maximum penetration at long range. TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) uses a tungsten-alloy with an 18 gm/cc density, which is 22% higher than standard tungsten and 56% denser than lead. The pellet’s greater density results in greater downrange energy transfer and deeper penetration. An advanced buffering material aids to keep pellets concentric for maximum retained velocity and true flight. Heavyweight TSS turkey ammo utilizes Federal’s FliteControl Flex® wads that open from the rear for controlled release of pellets, resulting in consistently tight patterns. FliteControl Flex wads function equally well in standard or ported choke tubes. A portion of the proceeds from Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Turkey Shotshells is donated to the National Wild Turkey Federation®. Made in USA.

  • Tungsten Super Shot tungsten-alloy pellets
  • Deliver tight patterns of deep penetrating pellets
  • Use with standard or ported choke tubes
  • FlightControl Flex wads
  • Buffered shot load


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