Federal American Eagle Ammunition 9mm Luger 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket


Cartridge :9mm Luger

Grain Weight :124 Grains

Quantity :Please select
Configuration :(20 Boxes of 50)


American Eagle ammo is designed specifically for target shooting, training and practice. It’s loaded to the same specifications as Federal’s Premium loads, but at a more practical price for plinking. This ammunition is new production in reloadable brass cases. american-eagle-ammo


Federal American Eagle® Centerfire Rifle Ammo is loaded with bullets and powder charges that approximate standard military and hunting loads per caliber, making it an affordable option for target practice, tactical training, and high-volume shooting. This quality rifle ammo is manufactured with Federal’s strict quality control, copper-jacketed lead-core bullets, non-corrosive primers, and reloadable brass cases. Made in USA.

  • Affordable option for target practice and training
  • Matches standard military and hunting loads
  • Manufactured with strict quality control
  • Copper jacketed, lead-core bullets
  • Non-corrosive primers
  • Reloadable brass cases


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